Hey, here’s a tip for those of you who are service people and have to go to people’s houses and do things like hook up cable: PARK ON THE STREET, OR PARK FAR ENOUGH BACK IN THE DRIVEWAY SO THAT THE PERSON WHOSE TRUCK GOES IN THAT EMPTY GARAGE CAN GET THEIR FREAKIN’ TRUCK INTO THEIR GARAGE. Can you tell this irks me? Jesus, who the Hell pulls into a driveway, sees a garage door open, no vehicle in that side of the garage, and thinks "Oh, I should pull up here, this won’t be a problem."? ARGHHH.

Okay. So I arrive home this afternoon and find a cable truck blocking my side of the garage. The door was open, the space was empty, and yet I could not reach it. No problem. I parked in the driveway behind Fred’s side of the garage, plodded down the driveway to check the mail, and went back to the truck, because – of course – there were groceries to be brought inside. I grabbed several bags, balancing them with the mail and my bag, and – of course – one of the bags broke, tossing boxes and cans everywhere. I swore quietly under my breath and put everything down so I could chase down the rogue boxes and cans, and stuffed them into another bag. I finally got everything under control and walked to the garage door, getting more and more pissed. "Park in my driveway, blocking my spot, you motherfucker. You can take your digital cable and shove it! Who the fuck needs 140 channels anyway?" I growled to myself. I made it in the door, and just stood there because suddenly everything felt really heavy. Was I going to make it up the stairs? (Of course I was, because I’d rather fall backwards down the stairs due to a too-large load of toilet paper and soda than make a second trip downstairs.) Fred heard me, and came quickly down the stairs. He saw the really pissed-off look on my face and shushed me before I could get started. If I were a cartoon, I would have had steam drawn coming out of my ears. I made a few faces at him, then huffed and puffed my way upstairs, dropped everything on the kitchen counters, and hid in the spud’s bedroom until I got my breath back.

Other than that, my day has been pretty good.

I got to sleep in late this morning (until 6:15! I am so bad!), because I took half the day off. The cleaning girly was coming between 11 and 12, and rather than leaving work to come home and let her in, I stayed home and cleaned the spud’s room. And when I say I cleaned it, I mean I cleaned the hell out of it. Took me 2 hours, and when I was done, I had two and a half big garbage bags filled with stuff to give to the Salvation Army. Isn’t that disgusting? She has so friggin’ much crap that I was able to come up with that much to get rid of, and she hasn’t even noticed any of it is gone. One of those bags was full of Barbie stuff. She had, no kidding, 30 Barbie dolls. What’s up with that? The problem is that she gets a Barbie from my parents, her father’s parents, her father, and sometimes my sister for just about every birthday and Christmas. This year, everyone who sends her a new Barbie is gonna receive an old one in the mail. Probably won’t stop them, though.

As I mentioned, we had a woman come to clean today. I let her in at 10, and left for work. Fred came home about 1, since he’s still not feeling well, and she was still here. She wasn’t done until 2:30, and she did an incredible job. The shower I use hasn’t really been cleaned in about 6 months (yes, I know, that’s nasty), and she got it sparkling clean. The cat-hair dust bunnies that were threatening to consume the stairway were gone. She even changed the sheets on my bed! I think I’m in love.

Did everyone enjoy Fred’s guest entry yesterday? I thought he did a great entry, but he wasn’t that happy with it. He informed me that the problem was that I asked him to do it when he’s been doing nothing but sitting on his ass and coughing, so next time I’ll ask him to write when he’s really busy.

So, as you know, my parents are coming to visit tomorrow. They’ll be here for 11 days, and I’m not sure what that’s going to do to my journalling schedule. I’ll try to update every day, but I’m sure they’ll expect me to join them on their visits to my relatives. I may start writing and uploading during the day, but I have no idea if that will happen or not. Stay tuned!