Snoopy two and a half years ago. They keep cats until they’re adopted out. Stopping there was a big, big mistake, because I immediately saw a tiny black and orange girl kitten who locked her eyes on me and called me Mommy. I took her out of her cage and petted her and kissed her and fell in love. She was the sweetest little thing I’ve ever seen and I really really REALLY want her. Fred was not swayed in the slightest from his “No more cats” stance, so I had to put her back. She looked so betrayed. I would name her Molly. Okay, change of subject before I start hysterically sobbing. After we left the cat store, we went to the extreme south part of Huntsville and bought oysters and jumbo shrimp from this tiny store by the side of the road that we only get around to visiting once a year or so. Then we headed back toward home and stopped at a furniture store on the way to order a tv stand for the spud’s bedroom. We originally ordered a tv stand for the spud for her birthday out of this catalog called “Home Decorators (or Decorating, I don’t recall and I’m too lazy to go look).” No, we generally don’t make a habit of buying furniture from catalogs, but we ordered two stands for our VCR tapes and DVDs, and were pretty impressed at the quality. Anyway, they were supposed to ship it a few days before the spud’s birthday, and when it hadn’t arrived a week after that, Fred called them. They had moved the shipping date to sometime in December, and not bothered to tell us. So we cancelled the order. It’s a nice, simple little tv stand, with a place for a VCR and storage space underneath — which she needs, since her grandparents keep giving her Disney movies. MollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMolly. We came home and, since it was past noon and neither of us had eaten lunch, decided to eat a big lunch and then not eat dinner at all. Fred shucked the oysters (is that the correct word? Shuck? He opened them, in any case) and peeled the shrimp. I observed from my seat on the loveseat. He cooked the steak (in the oven, because our gas grill has apparently kicked the bucket) and shrimp and potatoes (regular baked potato for him, baked sweet potato for me), and then we ate. As the cats gathered around the table, taking turns meowing and looking very interested, we ate and ate and ate. The shrimp were excellent, the steak rocked, and the oysters were to die for. If you’ve never tried raw oysters, you are missing out bigtime, my friend. MollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMollyMolly. Then Fred left the cleanup to me (since he cooked)(and thank god almost everything fit in the dishwasher), and came downstairs, puttered on his computer, and took a short nap. I watched “The Bold and the Beautiful” and the last episode of “The Real World” that I taped this week. Is it just me or was Kaia a total bitch who needed a good ass-kicking? I would have kicked her ass but good, let me tell you that. Or I would have said really mean things about her behind her back. One or the other.]]>