So Fred called the "Who wants to be a Millionaire" number last night, and answered all three questions correctly. They put his name in for the random drawing, and he waited excitedly from noon to 3:00, but they never called. The bastards. It was nice to daydream about it, though. Except that Fred said I couldn’t go to New York with him because I had to stay home and be one of his Lifelines. "You’re too smart to waste sitting in the audience!" he said. Sweet, isn’t he? I’d still like to visit New York someday, though.

Couldn’t you just see me in New York City? Someone would glance at me and I’d get all paranoid. "Fred! I think she’s gonna rob us! Look at her looking at me! Call the cops! Help! Help! Police! SOMEONE WANTS TO ROB US! For the love of GOD, won’t somebody help us?!?!" "Jesus Christ, Bessie, she’s 90 years old and blind to boot." "Yeah, well, I still don’t trust her." That, or I’d be the total hick. "Lookit them buildings, Fray-uhd! They’s so TALL! And look! A homeless person. Give him money, Fred! Give him money!" Ih. You know, this paragraph just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Let’s just leave it at that