sure couldn’t be around the Boys without supervision ’cause she’d probably be dead within the hour. It was a really difficult decision, but I think it’s for the best. It’s funny, though, how much I miss her. I only held her for about five minutes at the store Saturday, but I came to love her so much in that short period of time. As much as I wanted to adopt her, though, I realized this wasn’t really the ideal environment for her. Okay, enough of that before I start getting all teary-eyed. Speaking of kitties, Spanky is doing this weird thing where he can apparently see into another dimension and it’s kinda freaky. Five minutes ago, he was sitting on top of my monitor when he turned and began staring at…nothing. He was so fascinated by this particular nothing that he jumped down onto the floor and followed it around for a while. Just wandering around the computer room, staring at a fixed spot of nothing for several minutes before he curled up under the end table by the couch. I know I’ve mentioned that we’re remodeling our office space at work. They turned empty warehouse space behind our offices into 3 more offices and a conference room, and now they’re working on the front area; ie, the area that comprised our entire office before we added on. Friday we had to move everything from the front part of the office to the new, back part of the office. In other words, 6 people and their accouterments are crammed into 3 offices and a conference room. We have a lot of stuff, between the 6 of us. And, to add to it, a new guy started Monday, so it’s really 7 of us and all our crap. It’s a joy, I’ll tell you that. I’m in Fred’s office, and — have I mentioned? — I love that man with all my heart. But. There really is such a thing as too much togetherness. I really really really am needing my space, people. Needing it a lot, in fact. Yeah, yeah, woe is me. We could be in a 500-foot apartment, and my parents could be living with us, and I could be dying. I know I’m a big ol’ bitch, whining about needing space while I’m living in a big-ass house, when all over the country far more deserving people are making do without pools and Jeeps and 4 pain-in-the-ass-but-still-really-cute cats. I’m aware of that, okay? But still, I’ll be glad when life goes back to normal. That’s all I’m saying. —–]]>