Kitten update: We named her Scrappy (yes, like Scrappy Doo), and I took her to the vet’s today to make sure she’s healthy (she is). She’s been sneezing since we got her — and let me tell you, it’s amazing how much spit one little kitten can spray when she sneezes — but the vet said there’s no sign of upper respiratory infection. And I forgot to mention her princessy, demanding little meow when she feels you aren’t paying enough attention to her. She’s so damn adorable.

Fred apparently woke up this morning with his mind missing, because he left for Lowe’s around 8:30 for fire extinguishers and other various things. Busiest day of the shopping year, and the man goes shopping! "You hate people!" I reminded him. "Yes, but I like gatherings," he replied. "Ironic, isn’t it?" Nah, we didn’t really have that conversation.

So he came back from Lowe’s with fire extinguishers, a big plastic sweater box (more on that later), electric candles for the windows (Christmas decorations – a light in each window), and a wooden sign to put in the yard that says "Merry Christmas!" on it. I was amazed and impressed, because we talked about putting electric candles in the windows last year, but I never got around to buying them. The total extent of our Christmas decorating last year consisted of a wreath, ordered from L.L. Bean, hanging on the front door. Then, he wentback to Lowe’s tonight, and bought big red bows for each window, a wreath for the front door, and lights for the front stairs. Is he in the Christmas spirit, or what?

Amazingly, the leftovers from dinner yesterday are almost gone. They were even better reheated and eaten as a late breakfast/ early lunch this morning. I never did bake the frozen pumpkin pie I bought; guess we’ll have that some other time.

Has anyone started on their Christmas shopping yet? I have gone so far as to make a few lists in my head, but 90 percent of my shopping will be done online this year, thank God. Fred and his sister, step-sister, and step-brother are going in together and buying a computer for his dad and stepmother. Well, I guess it’s technically from me, too, but I don’t really think of it that way. Fred and I have agreed to only exchange one gift with each other this Christmas. We’re at the stage in life where if we want something, we pretty much just go out and buy it (clothes, cds and movies, I’m talking about here. I haven’t really splurged on that oceanfront mansion in Maine yet), so it’s hard to come up with a decent Christmas list. We’re asking my parents for a scanner (so y’all can see that horrid picture of my tubby ass in a ballet costume at the age of 14!), and his parents for a pressure cooker.

About that covered sweater box I mentioned earlier. We’ve been feeding the kitten canned cat food, because she doesn’t seem to be able to comfortably eat dry food yet. We’ve put her litter box and food in the master bedroom closet (I think I mentioned that yesterday), and every time I turn around, one of our Bad Bad Boys (I suspect Snoopy, but I could be mistaken) goes in and eats what’s left in her dish of the canned cat food. They’re also using her litter box from time to time, but I’m guessing that’s a reminder that she’s not exactly king of the hill around here. Fred decided to solve the food problem by buying a big covered sweater box, turning it upside down, and cutting a hole in it so that only the kitten can get to the food. It works great, but guess what? She found the bowl of dry food we feed The Boys from in the kitchen, and eagerly scarfed down some of that. I guess she won’t starve to death, anyway.

Know what’s awesome? It’s Friday, I’ve had three days off, and I still have two more days until I have to go back to work! That just rocks.

Have a good night, one and all!