Yesterday, after the spud and I got home from taking Scrappy to the vet, I was downstairs at my computer reading email or something, when I heard my name ("momma", that is) two or three times within about two minutes. Later, Fred told me about the conversation he and the spud had been having:

spud: The vet asked momma if she was gonna let the kitten go into heat, and momma said no. But the kitten has already been in heat!

Fred: No she hasn’t, she’s too young.

spud: Momma let her go into heat!

Fred: No, she’s too young to go into heat. (pause) Wait, what are you talking about?

spud: Momma let her lay in the sunlight this morning.

Fred: Er, that’s not what that means…

Cute, huh?

That’s it for tonight, folks. We’ll revert back to your regular-length yammerings tomorrow.