huge. I had wanted something to hold about a month’s worth of meat, frozen vegetables, and bread, but the one Fred ended up buying will probably hold a year’s worth. Last night, as we were laying in bed talking, I said "Promise me you’ll never tip me over into the freezer and shut the top, as a joke." Because I could imagine the scenario where I would be leaning over trying to get something on the very bottom of the freezer, and he would grab my legs and tip me in, thinking it was funny. He was aghast, and said sternly "It wouldnever occur to me to do such a thing! Not ever!" But if I end up MIA, y’all know where to tell the cops to look… As I mentioned, we watched the South Park movie last night. At the risk of making myself look like a lowbrow, white-trash, potty-mouth idiot (too late!), I thought it was hilarious. And when they started singing "Uncle Fucka", I thought Fred was going to pass out, he was laughing so hard. We’re both Trey Parker fans – Fred more than I – and have so far enjoyed everything he’s had a hand in creating. If you’ve never heard the opening song – Shpadoinkle Day – in Cannibal!: The Musical, you’re really missing out. (Note: Fred asked me to point out that Trey Parker not only wrote this song, he also sang it). Fred thinks Trey Parker could write musicals for the stage, and I agree. ]]>