Snood suckiness continues. I semi-mastered the easy level and have moved on to medium. After reading that I was playing on easy, Audrey emailed me. "I began playing at the evil level my very first day," she sneered. "And once I was on the phone, not really paying attention, and I ended up with twenty zillion points. The other time, I took a nap and woke up with a million points. I usually don’t even look at the screen while I’m playing. Frankly, Robyn, I’m amazed you can bear to confess to playing on easy. My friend’s nephew is three months old, and he manages medium." She went on in this vein until I ran away crying. Maybe I should start an "I suck at Snood" webring. Just kidding about that email from Audrey, of course. I mean, she did tell me she plays on evil, but she didn’t rub it in. She didn’t need to, I could read between the lines. ]]>