medium for about a week now, and have won 10 or 15 games. Not 10 or 15 in a row, you understand, but at least two or three a day. Maybe it’s time I move up to hard. Maybe I’ll just stay at medium until I win a few games in a row. And maybe I’ll actually get off my butt and register the damn thing. Ya think? Fred is all kinds of thrilled and eager for christmas, because he has apparently bought the perfect present for me. You may recall that we said we weren’t going to buy presents for each other. Well, that evolved somehow into we’re going to buy a couple of small presents for each other, and then basically each of us trying to keep up with the other. "How much have you spent?" "$100." "Oh, shit! I better get a few more things…" "No!" "Yes!" And so on. He was going to get me an autographed picture of the cast ofAlly McBeal (I love that Fish!), and a script, but was outbid. Then he got this sudden brilliant insight, and he’s been teasing me about it ever since. He won’t even give me the slightest hint of what it is because he wants it to be a total surprise. Aside from maybe a Litter Maid, I can’t imagine what on earth it is. He just told me that it’s inexpensive "but special." I haven’t a clue what it is. Which is good, because I really like surprises. ]]>