Here’s our lovely Christmas tree. We go for the minimalist look, can you tell? Lights and ornaments, that’s all we decorate our tree with. No tinsel, no garland, none o’ that fancy stuff, no sir! Miss Thang Here’s another picture of the Scrapster. She loves to lay on the arm of the couch next to Fred. Actually, in this picture she’s coveting Fred’s dinner, which was an excellent steak. Freezer Fred hit Winn Dixie this evening and bought a ton of meat and vegetables to fill up our new freezer. The one I mentioned as being a tad too large? He bought enough meat to get us through at least a month, and as you’ll note, it isn’t even close to thinking about being filled up. In fact, there’s still room for him to kill me and store my body. You just keep that in mind when I go missing, people. Y’all think I’m joking, but the joke will be on you when I’m not here to entertain you anymore. You don’t see the way he looks at me, as if he’s thinking "If I just knock her over the head a few times, I won’t have to listen to the bitching and whining anymore!" Little does he know that my loyal readers will bitch and whine at him in my stead. Right?]]>