Oh boy am I blue. I’ve got the post-holiday, post-birthday, I hate my job, I hate my body, I wish this freakin’ cough would go away, blues. Just one night of decent sleep, that’s all I ask. One solid night of no tossing and turning. Is that so much to want? I haven’t gotten a good night of sleep since we got the kitten. She’s grown past the stage of climbing all over me all night long, and will sleep quietly in the crook of my arm, so now I wake at all hours coughing and coughing and gagging and coughing some more. One solid night of sleep would improve my outlook drastically, I swear to god it would.

Please, sleep gods?

Okay, I’m outta here. Sorry for the shortness of today’s entry, but I’m lame. That’s why you love me! Right? Uh, right?