Spring has definitely hit the Huntsville area – the daffodils are in bloom, waving at me from nearly every yard I pass on the way to work. I love daffodils. Hands down, they’re my favorite flower. I don’t mean the fancy ones, with the double trumpet, or the ones with one color on the inside and another on the outside. I prefer the simple, non-fancy, straightforward kind.

Of course, now that I’ve put that picture up, y’all are going to email me, saying "Are you kidding, that’s the fanciest kind of daffodil out there!"

Over the years, yellow has become my favorite color. And I don’t like yellows that are too gold; I prefer clean, pure yellows, like the daffodil above. I wouldn’t want a whole house with yellow walls or even my bedroom or living room painted yellow. The downstairs bathroom – my bathroom – has yellow touches. Yellow towels, a yellow cup by the sink, and eventually there will be pictures on the wall with splashes of yellow. Little glimpses of yellow always lift my spirit. Yellow is a color best seen in small doses. My exception to this belief is that, more than anything, I want a yellow vehicle. I wanted a white Camry so that I could have it painted yellow. I’d be so happy driving around in a yellow car – maybe I can convince Fred to let me have the Jeep painted yellow, ya think?

It was a short, relaxing day at work.

I left work at noon, because… well, because I can, basically. And since I was swinging by Hollywood Video to pick up movies for Fred and the spud, I also stopped by Burger King to pick up lunch. Now, I worked the drive-thru at McDonald’s for three years, as I believe I’ve previously mentioned. Always, in those three years, I followed a very simple procedure: 1. Take the money, give change. 2. Hand over the drinks. 3. Hand over the food. 4. "Thank you! Have a nice day!" Simple, right? Well, the bitch at Burger King handed over my food, grunted, and slammed the door shut while I was in the middle of a perky "Thank you!"

See? I always say "Thank you" to the freaking servers at fast food places. Yet all I get in return is rudeness.

After Burger King, I went to rent movies at Hollywood Video, and lord what a production. I managed to get in line behind a woman who had picked the empty boxes off the shelf and taken them up to the counter to rent them. This is not how things are done at Hollywood. At Hollywood, you take the actual movie – which is located behind the empty box – to the counter, and then the one lonely cashier who’s working the cash register doesn’t feel compelled to run all over the store getting the actual movies off the shelf so the idiot who brought up the empty boxes can just stand there like the idiot she is.

After the one and only cashier who was working did run all over the store, the idiot asked her about each and every single movie she was renting. "Stigmata…is that good? The Astronaut’s Wife… is that good?", and so on. Interestingly, the cashier claimed that all the movies she’d seen were "Excellent!", and the ones she hadn’t seen, she said she’s "heard" were really good. I’m going to guess Hollywood employees aren’t allowed to say anything like "God NO,The Astronaut’s Wife sucked so badly I wanted to gouge my eyes out!"

Just a guess.

I believe I mentioned the other night that Fred bought a digital camera when he purchased my laptop. The cool thing about this digital cam is that we can make cute little movies. Tonight, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you – as filmed by Fred – Little Kitty, starring Scrappy and Tubby. If you have any trouble viewing it, please let me know.

I’ll leave you with this:

Don’t you hate it when you need to make notes to yourself so you’ll remember what you wanted to write about in your journal, but every single light you hit turns green as soon as you get to it, so you have to fish a post-it out of your purse, then fish a pen off the bottom of your purse – then eat the raisinette stuck to the pen – and put the post-it on your steering wheel and jot notes to yourself while you’re driving down a busy street filled with lunchtime traffic? —–