Here at casa bitchypoo, we believe in extremely lazy Sundays. We’re talking lazy to the point of coma. For instance, this morning I slept until well past seven, lounged in the bed and gave the kitten her dose of morning love, discussed with her the mud between her toes, and eventually rolled out of bed to shower and dress. After Fred, the spud and I ate our usual Sunday morning breakfast of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon, we each retired to our corners, the spud to watch TV, Fred to pretend to work, and I to watch one of the movies I’d rented from Hollywood Videos. To my dismay, the tape I put in the VCR, although it’s label said it was Trick, was actually The David Cassidy Story. Not quite what I’d expected, but I watched it anyway. It was cheesy and pretty predictable, but not a bad movie for a lazy Sunday morning. Then I read a bit, cleaned out the pantry – we have wire shelves in the pantry, and I finally convinced Fred to buy lucite to put over the wire so cans and bottles won’t fall all over the place – and ate lunch. I read some more, and while Fred and the spud watched a movie, I napped and dreamt that helmet-shaped bugs the size of my hand were gathering around me on the bed. One of them began nibbling on my hand, and I woke to find the kitten licking me, with love in her eyes. I dozed for another ten minutes, then forced myself to get up out of the bed so I’d have perhaps the slightest chance to get to sleep tonight, instead of laying awake until midnight. I do not have a busy life, and I know that this comes as no shock to you. I’ve never been the sort of gal to want a busy life, and despite the non-business of my life, I am rarely bored. I am able to entertain myself, and am comfortable enough to sit in long, thoughtful silences alone. The thought of a hectic lifestyle has never appealed to me, and truth be told if I had to, I would live in abject poverty if it meant that I could have time to sit back and relax, to think, to stare off into space and let my mind wander. Don’t misunderstand me – if I had to, I would rise to the occasion. If, god forbid, something happened to Fred and the spud and I were left alone, I would work, and I would work hard, to support us. If something happened and Fred couldn’t work, I would. But I like my life the way it is right now, and I’m fully aware of how incredibly lucky I am that I do. Even with the things in my life that annoy me during the week, I’m lucky to have the home life I do. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. ]]>