Four years ago today, I wandered into the IRC Undernet channel #!Fredsplace, thus setting into motion a chain of events which would echo down through the years. In other words, it’s been four years since Fred and I met. Who’d’ve thought it’d lead to this?

I was going to type up a whole sappy entry about how we met and fell in love and all that, but sappy stuff like that is only interesting to the saps who lived through it, so I’ll simply say:

Happy Anniversary, baby! I love you!

How, you might wonder, did I spend my day at the office. Did I spend the entire time surfing, while ignoring those bills needing desperately to be paid AND the inventory which has yet to be completed? Why, no. No, I did not. I paid all the bills waiting to be paid, I inventoried a couple more offices – leaving only one office to be inventoried, by the way – AND I spent the rest of the time backing up files from my computer to the network, and deleting all personal-type stuff. I’m getting a new computer at work! Grand, ain’t it? Yes, it’s quite exciting, although I’m finding more and more that it’s a pain in the ass to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb to make sure all the porn (just kidding!) and pictures of the spud and the kitten have been removed. We wouldn’t want whoever gets my old computer to find anything untoward.

I noticed a new and interesting thing about the kitten this morning. If I haven’t mentioned it before, she is the loudest sniffer I’ve ever heard. If she’s on your shoulder sniffing near your ear, you pretty much can’t hear anything else. This morning, as she was performing her daily inspection of my face and hair, sniffing loudly enough to deafen me, I turned so I was looking at her, and sniffed. She stopped and looked at me for a moment, then sniffed again. I sniffed, then turned my head and sniffed the back of the couch. She turned her head, watched me, and then sniffed where I’d sniffed. It was adorable.

Perhaps you had to be there.

Okay, I’m shutting down now and going to bed. It’s storming out, and I don’t want a flash of lightning to take down my computer. That would suck. Y’all have a good weekend, and I’ll see you Monday, if not before!