What About Bob? with Fred and the spud. Fred’s dad and stepmom dropped by earlier, to drop off our joint birthday present – a pressure cooker – which necessitated some running around cleaning so that the house wouldn’t look like a total shitheap. The cats have been wandering out to the back yard, and then back inside to warm their paws when the cold gets to them. In between wanderings, they nap. Sometimes, they lay on the floor and perform for us. Because I’m that kind of gal, I sit and wonder if Fred and I are weirdos, or if everyone has their own favorite cups to drink out of, which they use almost exclusively. Fred’s favorite Robyn’s favorite I have three months’ worth of magazines which are waiting for me to read them. I subscribe to every magazine in existence, it seems, from People to Jane to Cosmo, and everything in between. I was in the habit of stopping to read all my magazines once a month or so, until January, when I got a huge amount of books, and I have so many books to read that I didn’t want to stop reading them to read magazines. The books on the very top of the bookcase are the newest ones, which I will not allow myself to start on until I completely clear one of the lower shelves. I have all sorts of odd little rules for myself. By the way, those bottles in front of the books on the top shelf are Maalox. I bet you’re glad you know that. Yesterday, Fred and the spud were watching Species, which just so happens to have Michael Madsen in it. Or is it Tom Sizemore? (That’s Sizemore on the left, Madsen on the right, by the way) It simply boggles the mind that there’s enough movie work for them both to have halfway decent careers. In FantasyLand, bad boys like Tom Sizemore, Michael Madsen, and James Gandolfini rock my world. Here in the real world, I prefer geeks who look like Bill Gates and Linus Torvalds. Brains and geekiness make my hormones scream. Which is probably pretty clear when you see the man I love with all my heart. In Alabama, or at least in my area of Alabama, the dogwoods are in bloom. From my office (for the next 6 weeks!) I have a great view of the dogwoods across the street. The view more than makes up for the fact that at various points through the day sunlight hits chrome in the parking lot and shines directly and unrelentingly into my eyeballs. Y’all have a good rest of the weekend, won’t you? —–]]>