I was checking my sitemeter logs this afternoon (I compulsively check the damn things at least four times a day) and realized that when people search for "Brian Boitano" on alltheweb, savvysearch, or northernlight search engines, my page comes up as one of the top ten hits! (I quoted extensively from the South Park song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" in November) What’s even funnier is that three people today alone not only hit my page after doing a search on Brian Boitano, but they also stayed and looked around a bit.

Sorry, Brian Boitano fans – I don’t know any interesting facts about him!

Work was just heavenly today. I spent the first couple of hours setting up my new computer, which was a hell of a lot easier this time, ’cause when I backed my stuff up on Friday, I backed it up to the network, so this morning I only had to drag it back off the network. It was great; once my network connection was set up, it took me less than an hour to get everything the way I like it.

Fred came home around 9 and worked from home because he was suffering from, as he referred to it, "intestinal distress."

The ad for the new Office Manager ran in the paper yesterday, and when I arrived at work this morning there were about 7 faxes waiting on the fax machine. Through the day more came in, and when I left at 3, we had over 25. It was amazing, the diversity of resumes we received. There were a ton of resumes from people who were way overqualified, and a lot who weren’t qualified enough. I didn’t see any that were just right, but I’m sure we’ll get some in the mail tomorrow. The truly annoying thing was that the ad specifically stated Word, Excel, and Quickbooks proficiency were required, and several of the resumes had not only no Quickbooks experience, but no bookkeeping software experience either.

I really, really don’t want to have to train someone to use Quickbooks. I don’t know what I’m doing half the time; I’d rather not be responsible for someone else screwing it up!