online, and then got caught up click around various parts of the state to see where the lowest population is. No surprise, it’s the Northwestern part. One town – whose name I cannot recall – had a population of 8. I also spent some time looking up information on Dover-Foxcroft, which looks like a cute little town. Wouldn’t want to live there, though. Nothing personal, Dover-Foxcroftites, but you’re a tad smaller than the city size to which I’ve become accustomed. Hell, Huntsville is three times the size of Portland, and Portland’s always been "The big city" to me. I obviously don’t have much to say today, so I’ll cut this short. The weather outside is looking pretty nasty and I’m still at work, so I’m going home in case a tornado comes whipping through here. Though with my luck, I’ll be halfway home when it comes for me. Y’all stay safe! —–]]>