eye?" When I went to look at her eye, there was a scary brown patch on the surface. She blinked a few times, and it didn’t move; in fact it appeared to be part of her eye. I called and got a 9:30 appointment at the vet’s, and in the interim sat in the library and cuddled with her while entertaining scary thoughts of brain cancer (that, for some reason, being the first place my mind always goes). All the way to the vet’s, she howled forlornly from the cat carrier on the seat next to me. She never sounds so pitiful as when she’s in that thing – and she sure as hell has been in it an awful lot! The vet dripped some fluorescent green stuff in her (the kitten’s) eye, and a nasty-looking ulcer showed up right away. The brown patch, she told me, was blood vessels growing out of the ulcer. Upon closer inspection, she noticed that the kitten had hairs growing funny and poking her in the eye – in both eyes, actually – so she plucked them. We have to medicate both eyes three times a day until Tuesday, which is when she goes in for her fixin’, and then I guess they’ll let us know whether to continue with the medicating. It’s gotten pretty hard to medicate the kitten now that she’s so much bigger. She’s a lot stronger and puts up more of a fight. Fred has been wrapping her up in a towel, though, which works really well, though she does let out those pitiful little meows. My sister is turning THIRTYTHIRTYTHIRTY on Sunday, and I sent her a couple of cards the other day and some money (perfect color, fits great!). One card was from the cats and the other one, the really funny one, was from Fred, the spud, and I. On the front it said As we get older we quit getting visits from Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Inside, it said The Big Butt Fairy visits us every year though. Just like clockwork. The instant I read the card, I cackled loudly and put it in my cart. Okay, I got off track. So I sent her the cards the other day – overnighted, of course, ’cause GOD FORBID I send them out in time for them to reach her via regular mail – and she thinks that’s all she’s getting for her birthday from us. Silly girl. There are a few more items on the way to you, Deb. And no, I won’t tell you what they are! Happy birthday! Well, let’s round out this kid-and-kitten-centered entry with yet another kitten story. I’m doing laundry tonight, and I wandered over to the dryer to check on a load of clothes, and laying in the basket of clean, warm blankets was the kitten. She was as happy as I’ve seen her, purring her little fool head off and blinking sleepily at me. Let’s say it all together, now: "Awwwww…" Y’all have a good weekend. I’ll see you Monday, if not before!