I think I’m going to fall into a deep depression and take to my bed for a few weeks. Paul McCartney has found a "new love." Damn, aren’t there any good men who lose the woman they love to some horrid disease and spend the rest of their life in mourning? Paul and Linda never spent a night apart (at least, that’s what I recall reading), and here he is two short years later finding a "new love", as People terms it. What the hell’s up with that? Since I intend to die before Fred (you think I want to be around for his funeral, watching his mother throw herself on his coffin and his sister accusing me of killing him, then having to go on with my life as the crazy cat lady widow? I think not, thank you), chances are good he’ll go on to fall in love again. I mean, personally I’d prefer that he mourn me like the protagonist in Bag of Bones, but I don’t think the boy is set up to feel so down for so long. Hell, he’ll probably bring a date to the wake. Yes, I’m kidding. Mostly. I’m sure he’ll miss me a little. Let’s move on before I get in trouble. Did you hear that a US judge has declared Iran owes Terry Anderson $341 million for "savage and cruel treatment"? Who thinks he’s actually going to get one thin dime? Though, here’s the interesting question: If you knew you’d get $341 million for being treated savagely and cruelly for 7 years, would you do it? According to the judge, "Anderson was chained and blindfolded, fed only bread, cheese and water, moved from cell to cell numerous times, and feared many times he would be executed." I don’t know, I think I could deal with that. Keep your eye on the prize, and soldier through. Yeah, right. I’d be screaming for mercy and sobbing hysterically from day one. So I was talking to my sister on IRC and listening to FoxNews (yes, that’s my source for daily news, that and Fred’s online sources, and you fine people), and I heard that Kate Moss is in the hospital again, this time with liver trouble. Of course, the first thing that popped into my mind – I don’t know about y’all – was "I’ve always heard that once your body uses up it’s stores of fat, it starts cannibalizing itself." Mrowr!

The kitty is doing well – I know y’all were wondering – except we had a bit of a scare earlier today. We left the back door open, and the kitten and Fancypants were outside. We were out there for a little while with them, and then we came inside, Fred to take a nap and I to do laundry. I put clothes in the dryer, more in the washer, and sat down for a while to read my email. After half an hour or so, I went back upstairs and saw that all the cats except for the kitten were laying around the living room. I went outside and looked for the kitten, and she was nowhere to be seen. I went back inside and looked in all of her usual spots, and she was in none of them. In desperation, I grabbed the package of kitty treats and shook it, hoping to lure her out. It brought all the other cats on the run, but not her. I was starting to get really nervous, and walked around the house calling "Little kitty! Kitty kitty!" Finally, I went downstairs and woke Fred, telling him I couldn’t find her. He joined me in the search, looking outside, in the upstairs closet and under the bed, and then out of nowhere she appeared at the top of the stairs. She’d been napping in the laundry basket, apparently. Naturally, the one place I didn’t look. Y’all have a nice rest of the weekend. I will be planting gladiolus bulbs and doing various other things to prettify the outside of our house. See you Monday! —–]]>