blah blah to the blah blah blah (ie: geek stuff I don’t understand). I stopped by the movie store on the way home, picked up lunch for the spud and I, and then came home. I puttered around the house for the better part of the afternoon, getting laundry done and planting the last of my lily bulbs (yes, yes, awfully late to be planting them, I know). Fred finally got home around 3 or so, and we hung around talking about work and everything before we went our separate ways, he to his computer and I to mine downstairs (not the laptop). Upon checking my email, I had three emails from readers informing me that they couldn’t seem to access anything on my page. Worried, I connected to my host, and what did I find? Everything was gone. Not moved, not placed temporarily elsewhere, just gone. Vanished. When I called my host, what helpful information did I glean? Jeez, ma’am, there’s just nothing we can do… Hey, thanks. Twenty bucks a month to have you randomly delete my shit – what a bargain! Robyn, you’re saying, smiling comfortingly, just re-upload everything from your backup files! It’s that easy! Well, yes. Yes, it would be. Except that I can’t find the cd I burned all my entries to back at the beginning of March before I deleted them from my hard drive. And since about March 1st I’ve been updating from work, then deleting the files from my hard drive… *sob* I swear, I kept meaning to back everything up, I just never got around to it. All I have on my hard drive are the main files – the main and cast pages, and that stuff. Okay, enough of the wallowing. I’ve been meaning to re-vamp this whole site, and I guess now’s the time to do it! I think for now I’m going to leave things as they are, because remodeling is a bigger task than I’d like to think about, and I really don’t have the heart for it ’til I’m done at DI and get to it for a couple of full-time days. Can y’all live for four more weeks without my archives? The rest of the page is pretty functional as is, and I think between what I did back up to cd and what’s on my computer at work, I should be able to put it together with only a few holes. Ah, well. Anyway. Fred took the kitten to have her stitches out, which took all of a minute. Now she’s walking around with her little tummy-sack hanging down. She’s full of piss and vinegar, though – more than before we took her to be fixed, even. She loves chasing the big boys around and kicking their asses with no provocation whatsoever. All the cats have been spending a lot of time outside, rolling around in the sun. Tubby in particular has been rolling in the dirt, and so his face is always stained red. Maybe I should toss him in the washer with a cup of bleach and a cup of dishwasher soap? (Note to the clueless: I’m kidding. Don’t be posting messages about my cruelty to the kitties)(Christine’s the one who’s cruel to kitties; any cruelties were influenced by her. She’s a bad influence!) I smell really good today, a combination of the shirt I’m wearing, which was dried outside, and a squirt of Sand and Sable. Sand and Sable’s been my favorite perfume for years, but I had to retire it for a few years so I wouldn’t get tired of it. Now I’m back around to using it – it and Dark Vanilla are my favorites – and every now and then I get a whiff of it, and it makes me feel nostalgic. Okay, I’m out of here, ’cause Fred and the spud are yelling at me to come watch Idle Hands. I may or may not post an entry tomorrow; if I don’t see you tomorrow, I’ll see you Monday. Y’all have a good weekend! —–]]>