Staples‘ search engine is head and shoulders above Office Depot and Office Max. Whereas Office Depot’s search engine said "Compressed Air? What’s that?", Staples‘ search engine said "Compressed air? You want compressed air, we got compressed air! Here, here are 30 different kinds of compressed air! Pick one!" Ooh, a lady is standing in the parking lot giving her significant other/ co-worker all kinds of hell. I think he’s more than a co-worker, ’cause she’s all in his space. Her hands are flying all over the place. Is that a girl thing, the hands waving all over the place when you get upset? I know I do it, when I’m mad and when I’m excited, too. Hey, he’s laughing at her. Now she’s playing with his hair. I guess there’ll be no physical fisticuffs for me to go break up. Not that I really would, you understand. So I’ve actually done some work this morning – I straightened off the shelves off the bookcase in my office, tossing a lot of useless crap no one needs. That took me all of about 5 minutes, and then I spent 15 minutes looking for a form "Thanks but no thanks" letter to send out to the zillions of people who mailed and faxed their resumes in response to our ad in the paper a month ago. I found a form letter to follow, but lost interest in that, and then spent an hour surfing on Office Depot and Staples ordering office supplies. (Damn, Staples charges almost $9 a 12-pack for Coke! There goes that idea… Talk about your prohibitively expensive!) Now I’m back on Office Depot, looking for a desk for the marketing chick who will begin work on Monday. Now I’m getting annoyed ’cause she’ll need a phone too, the bitch (kidding), and Office Depot doesn’t apparently deign to carry just PHONES, simple one-line phones, nosiree, that would make too much sense, wouldn’t it?! Grrrr. So I left work around noon yesterday and wandered around the house, picking stuff up and putting it away or tossing it in the trash, and then I watched the last movie I rented Friday and hadn’t yet watched, The Opposite of Sex. To my surprise, I really liked it. I like Christina Ricci, despite the smack-me face. Then last night, Fred, the spud and I watched Star Wars: Episode 1, and while I thought it was pretty good, I didn’t fall in love with it the way Fred did. I would have been more impressed, I think, if I had seen it in a movie theater. I’m glad to have seen it, though. —–]]>