This particular article is excellent, in my opinion, but don’t bother to go read it if you’re not interested in the Elian Gonzalez brouhaha. The weather is driving me nuts. Tuesday the high was 55. Yesterday, 65, and today it’s supposed to be 75. I have ivy I need to plant, and I’d like to get my catnip and morning glory seeds planted and put out, but there was a fairly heavy frost yesterday morning, and I’d rather my ivy not die as soon as I get it planted. It’s APRIL, for crying out loud, isn’t it supposed to be in the 80s every day here in the heart of dixie? Fred spent an hour on the phone with his father last night, trying to figure out why his computer wouldn’t work. By the time he hung up, he was swearing up and down that he was never going to buy his father a computer again. His father was impressed, though, at the extent of Fred’s computer knowledge. I think when you’re a parent, you assume you know more than your kids do, and I bet you keep assuming that as they grow up. There’s so much Fred knows about computers, in an area where his father is clueless. I bet it was a little humbling. Could I have used the words "bet" or "think" a few more times in that paragraph? I bet not, I think. Okay, I know y’all are only here for the cat stories, so here’s one. I don’t think Fancypants’ neutering "took", if you know what I mean. He’s the horniest acting cat I’ve ever seen. I caught him trying to mount the kitten again Monday, and then when I was sitting in the living room reading before work Tuesday, he jumped up beside me and fell back against me so that I could rub his tummy. The spud put her backpack and sweatshirt on the couch and wandered off to get something out of her room, and while she was gone the kitten jumped up and settled down on her sweatshirt. You can’t leave anything warm and soft sitting anywhere for more than ten seconds in this house without a cat taking it over. Anyway, Fancypants eyed the kitten, hopped up beside her, and then leaned back so that his hind legs were sticking straight up in the air. Slowly, he began licking himself until something interesting, uh, came up. Lifting his head, his pupils all big and dark with desire, he gave her an amorous come-hither look as if to say Want some candy, little girl? She gave him a blank look, with a cartoon question mark hanging over her little head. That’s when I threw a pillow at him and ran him off. Gives me good practice for running the boys off when the spud gets older. ]]>