Bose Wave radio – as long as I remember that, the rest of the stuff can go hang. I spent half an hour or so at Office Depot picking up office supplies for the new marketing chick who starts on Monday – stapler, tape dispenser, rolodex, stuff like that. Exciting, eh? Then I spent another half hour cleaning out the supply cabinet – good god we’ve got way too much crap crammed in there – and yet another half hour ordering a second supply cabinet to put all the extra wires and keyboards tossed around the supply room in (does that sentence make sense?). I’m embarrassed to admit that I really like the new Kid Rock song "Only God Knows Why." I’m not the slightest bit of a Kid Rock fan, but I really really like this song, with the electronic tickles all the way through. Which reminds me – I ordered a bunch of books from half.com yesterday (Kid Rock reminds me of half.com because I went there to see how much his cd would cost there) (just so you know I’m not the kind of gal who goes off on wild tangents for no reason – ha!) and didn’t notice until Fred pointed it out that apparently half.com will be handing out my home address to a bunch of strangers. I’m not the spaz Fred is, so I’m not worried that some mad book-seller will come and murder me in my sleep (besides, we have an alarm system), but next time I’ll definitely use my work address. Yes, I know it won’t be my work address for much longer, but Fred will be here and he can bring my packages home like a good servant boy. With all the rain we got over the first part of the week, the pool filled almost to the top, and on Wednesday Fred decided it was time to drain some of the water off the top. So he started the draining, and went inside and messed around on his computer and checked on dinner and talked to his father, and pretty much forgot to stop draining the pool. Luckily, it was only about three inches lower than he’d meant to drain it. Then he and the spud went swimming yesterday, since the pool’s up to a sultry 66. Another 9 degrees, and I’ll be swimming! It’s supposed to cool off this weekend, though. I was taking a bath last night, and the kitten was walking around the edge of the tub losing her mind because she’s fascinated with water, just totally mesmerized, so she’d sit and dip her paw in the water, then shake off the excess water and lick her paw, then jump to another corner of the tub and do it all over again. I had stopped watching her, was just sitting there reading, when I heard a splash and felt a frantic kitty paw on my back. She’d been trying to jump from one corner to another, not realizing the corner she was attempting to jump to had boxes of bath beads sitting there, and so instead of landing where she wanted, she jumped, hit the boxes, and fell into the water. As soon as I figured out what was going on, I reached back and helped her out of the water, and she jumped down onto the bath mat, looking like a drowned rat. I yelled for Fred, who came and dried her off, and then she sat there for ten minutes or so grooming herself. Wet cats are just the stinkiest things in the world. The funniest thing is that she’d just fallen in the tub when Fred was taking a bath the night before. You’d think she’d’ve learned her lesson. —–]]>