End of Days last night. Due to the usual interruptions – we had to stop so the spud could get her chores done, and then again because someone called and yammered at Fred for forever and a day. I finally had to bitch at him to get OFF the freakin’ phone because I wanted to get the freakin’ movie over and done with so I wouldn’t have to deal with it any more and could simply forget I’d ever seen it, except for that personal note deep in my subconscious which will read End of Days. Sucks. Gouge your eyes out and run naked down the street if anyone tries to make you watch it. The whole freakin’ movie was one cliche after another. At the beginning of the movie, Arnold sits in his apartment with a gun to his head, unshaven and teary-eyed. One patented Mel Gibson scene, check. We find out later that his wife and daughter were killed because he was testifying against some bad guys. Pain and self-loathing, check. His partner shows up to accompany him to work, and Arnold walks around putting everything in sight into the blender – coffee, old chinese food, ice cream, you get the point – blends it, slurps down a big mouthful and says – WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! ANY PREDICTIONS HERE??? – "They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Well, hit the pause button, y’all, ’cause I HAVE TO HOLD MY GUT FROM BURSTING WIDE OPEN FROM THE DARK HUMOR OF THAT WHOLE SCENE – HAW HAW HAW! I-am-too-cool-for-words scene, check. The whole crap-ridden movie was like that from beginning to end, and if Fred had bought the movie instead of renting it, I would have taken it out back and shot it to put it out of it’s misery. As it was, he had to wrestle me to the ground so I wouldn’t set it afire before some poor other sap could wander innocently into the path of pure banality that is this movie. Hm. I thought I said I don’t do movie reviews… I can’t possibly be done with this job soon enough. Sitting and watching Rachel correct my fuckups in Quickbooks all day long is the most mind-numbing thing I’ve ever done. Well, working as an order taker at LL Bean’s is a very close second. At least today I was free to randomly get up and wander through the office. It’ll be a lot better next week when, if she has questions she’ll write them down and then ask them all at once. Oh, I can’t waaaaaaaaaaait. Two more days! —–]]>