half.com order, I received my last two books. I’m very very pleased at the condition of the books I’ve received in this order, as well as the prices I paid. Half.com definitely has my business from here on out – except for the Harry Potter, Janet Evanovich, and Sue Grafton books, which I can’t possibly wait for (for which I can’t possibly wait, that is). Being the incredibly NICE gal (ha!) that I am, I agreed to come in for a couple of hours each day next week, because Rachel’s not quite confident enough that Quickbooks is the way it should be to go it alone, she told me. So tomorrow is my official last day, but I’ll be there each day next week, and then on the 1st of May I’ll be there most of the day as she does all the first of the month reports and hands out paychecks. Just when I think I’m almost home-free, the sticky tentacles of the office reach out and suck me back into the fold… —–]]>