Fancyman is losing his shit, because there’s a mourning dove on the front lawn about three feet from the window, and he can’t get to it. He’s going back and forth between the two windows in the computer room, crouching, moaning, his eyes all dark, banging his tail back and forth. On the lawn, the dove is blinking calmly at Fancypants, wondering what the problem is. So, the problem I was having last night with my Internet Explorer? I attempted to deal with it by uninstalling and reinstalling IE three or four times. Every time, the bar at the top looked odd, with everything stuffed into one line. I could NOT get it to look right, no matter how many times I uninstalled and reinstalled. Finally, desperate, I asked Fred to come down and look at it. He fixed it. How? By un-maximizing and re-maximizing it. Blewp, blewp, and it was fixed. Grrr. Oh, I took some good pictures this weekend. Let me see if I can find them… rub mah belly... The kitten, in the throes of ecstacy as I rub her belly. She’s laying on her pillow on my desk. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........
And here she is laying beside me on my arm, snoozing. The happier she is, the darker rose her nose turns. the sky
Fred took this fairly cool picture of the sun Saturday afternoon. smackdown!
Spot and Tubby just before Spot put the smack down on Tubs. "I’m telling you, man, get your tail off of me!" It’s so sad that I had to think for a minute to remember that Tubby’s real name is Snoopy when I was looking to link to his page. Fred and I took a short roadtrip to a small seafood store about half an hour away yesterday, and loaded up on raw oysters and shrimp. The oysters rocked – though after about 5 of them Fred got grossed out on them and gave the rest of his to me (WOOHOO!) – but the shrimp just wasn’t quite right. After I was done eating the shrimp, I had a fairly nasty metallic taste in my mouth, and I was more than a little afraid I’d end up being sick in the night, but I’m feeling fine. A disappointing seafood experience, though. Fred told me last night he’d be just as happy to never have seafood again. GREAT. At this rate, I’ll NEVER talk him into going to Florida. Poor, poor pitiful me. We went swimming again last night, and this time it was 86, which was even MORE perfect than 84. There was a pretty strong breeze, though, so it was much warmer in the water than out. It’s supposed to get up to 90 on Friday (the air, not the pool – though you never know), which means there’ll be some more good swimming. It looks like it’s going to storm any minute now, though, so there may be no swimming tonight. When we’re in the pool and there’s a slight breeze blowing, I can smell honeysuckle in the air, though I can’t tell where it’s coming from. There was once a honeysuckle bush in the woods behind us, until they knocked down everything to put up a couple of houses. Speaking of the houses behind us, Fred is sure I gave the people directly behind us quite a show yesterday, because I took my bathing suit off while in the pool (the people in the house behind us can’t see us while we’re actually swimming in the pool) and when I got out, I hunched over and ran a few steps to where my towel was laying. Fred thought it was the funniest thing, because if anyone in the house behind us had been sitting in any of the windows on their top floor, they would have seen me. It’s my opinion, however, that if they were sitting there spying on us, they deserved to be scared like that. —–]]>