Slim Twin ST For Women with Aloe.

Shiiiit. I don’t have any aloe! No one mentioned I’d have to have aloe to use these razors… I meant to pick up the razors for Women with Big Asses. That, I have. But seriously, folks, how much must these razors suck if the company couldn’t afford to hire someone to keep an eye out for those kinds of foul-ups? So, the spud is in Washington, DC this week. Actually, they haven’t made it as far as Washington; they stopped in Williamsburg, VA last night, and are doing the Colonial Williamsburg tour, amongst other things. She called this morning just after 6, just as I’d gotten back to sleep after Fred left for work. She sounded like she was in good spirits, thank god. She got a seat on the bus next to Michelle, who lives in the house behind us and whose daughter, Ella, is friends with the spud. the spud is rooming with Ella, Michelle, and Ella’s friend Anna. I’m hoping it will be like a big slumber party for her – Michelle is good with kids, I think, and the spud knows and feels comfortable with her. They’ll be back early Friday morning, and no doubt she’ll get off the bus all grouchy from travelling all Thursday night. Question: What is the absolute perfect pool temp to go swimming in when it’s a clear, sunny day with a fairly strong breeze? Answer: Here in Alabama, the answer is 84 degrees. 84 perfect, warm, lovely degrees. We went swimming after dinner yesterday, and it was like stepping into a semi-warm bath. I could have stayed in the pool for hours, but Fred got frisky and we got out of the pool and went inside, and I’ll stop there – y’all can thank me later. I finally got around to ordering Mother’s Day gifts for my mother, Fred’s mother, and Fred’s stepmother, Jean. I ordered bath products for Fred’s mother, garden bucks at garden.com for Jean, and a box of Godiva for my mom. As usual, I waited ’til the last possible moment to order everything, and had to pay extra for shipping so everything would get there in time. Some day, I’m going to get my shit together. I’ve known for a month when Mother’s Day was, and still I didn’t just go right ahead and order everything. I hate it that I’m such a procrastinator. But I’ll tell you about that later (ba-dum-BUM!). I’m suddenly having big problems with my fucking piece of crap Internet Explorer, and I’m about to put my fist through the monitor, so if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cut this short. —–]]>