Kitty toes, kitty toes, how I love them kitty toes… Except for this morning round about 3 am when them kitty toes were trying to get in my mouth for some unknown reason. When I wouldn’t open my mouth and let them kitty toes in, the owner of them kitty toes gave up and draped herself over my head, purring to beat the band. Well, damn damn DAMN. I had a recipe for crab rangoon, which I made for lunch (healthy and well-balanced, yes?) but the filling isn’t right. And the only recipe I can find is the one with half a pound each of crabmeat and cream cheese, some onion powder, and A-1. But it’s just not right. The filling in the crab rangoon I get at the chinese restaurants around here are sweeter, somehow. Which is not to say that the crab rangoon I made was all bad, ’cause the wonton part was light and flaky, as wontons should be, so I nibbled around the edges mostly. I’ve spent the entire day doing laundry. I should have taken a picture of the computer room, with the laundry spread all over the place in huge piles. I started doing laundry at 6 and it was almost 11 before I was done with the sheets and towels and could begin on the clothes. Doing laundry and surfing the web while ignoring the fact that my desk drawers are in desperate need of cleaning, that’s what I’ve done with my day. The spud is bored already. Day 1 of summer vacation, and she was on me like a buzzing little gnat. "Can we go here? Can we go there? Can we go everywhere? Do you have to stay here and do laundry all day? You said we would go to the cat store and pet the cats today" and so forth. She knows better than to actually bust out with the "I’m bored!" because the last time she did that, I found something for her to do, and that something was walking around the backyard (this was 2 1/2 years ago when we still lived in an apartment) picking up cigarette butts and throwing them away. She hasn’t claimed boredom since. Some lessons last a long, long time. I made her help me with the laundry, anyway. So Fred just arrived home, flashed a big wad of money at me (they got bonuses at work today) and decided he needs a new bed. The bed he sleeps on now (I know y’all are aware we sleep in separate rooms) is one he had as a child, and it’s gotten rather creaky and saggy over the years. He hasn’t been sleeping well, so he grabbed the spud and went to the bed store around the corner, where we buy all of our beds (well, the one in the master bedroom and the spud’s bed). Then he’s off to Wal-Mart for sheets, and at some point they’ll be back here to eat the ham I’ve been baking for two hours. They’ll have plenty of ham to themselves, too, ’cause the very thought of ham for dinner makes me gag. Okay, I’m off to finish making dinner, clear a path to the junk room (where we’re going to put Fred’s old bed) and do more laundry. Oh, my glamorous, glamorous life. Jealous?]]>