My Day in Pictures (and some blathering text)

I got up this morning at 6:00 and have been on the go ever since. Okay, maybe there was plenty of time for goofing around on the computer, but not as much as I’d like, believe you me. So, the entry will be mostly pictures. Enjoy! I was still running around trying to get the house ready for the cleaning lady when she showed up, surprising me once again in my nightgown. I hurried into the bathroom and got dressed in a semi-dressy shirt and black pants, then blow-dried my hair and put on makeup. Let me say that again: PUT ON MAKEUP. Why? you ask. Because I had the spud’s 5th grade awards ceremony to attend, and there was a "reception" beforehand. Goober that I am, I worried for days about what to wear, and when I showed up at the reception, it became apparent that I could have worn anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a business suit, to a prom dress, and been right at home. I sat and chatted with a few mothers, watched the spud and her friends eat, then snapped a picture of them before we moseyed off to the gym. spud and friends
That’s Laura on the left, the spud in the middle, and Becca on the right. Becca reminds me, for some reason, of Julia Stiles. Before we headed off to the gym for the awards, I snapped a picture of the spud with her teacher, Mr. Stone. spud with mr. stone Then off to the gym the other mothers and I traipsed, the gym, the wonderful NON AIRCONDITIONED gym, to sit our asses on the hard metal bleachers, to fan ourselves and sweat a great deal, and shift back and forth from one cheek to the other to distribute the pain evenly and mutter under our collective breath "Come on already, we know you think the kids are great, we know you love them to death, shut the fuck up and give out the freakin’ awards!" Which they finally did, each 5th grade teacher – of which there are 5 – taking his or her turn. 5th grade teachers (That’s the principal yammering at the podium, and the 5th grade teachers and one other teacher sitting there looking bored and hot) The spud won a Presidential Award for Outstanding Educational Improvement. spud receiving award When finally (thankyoujesus) it was over, we ran home quickly so that the spud could change into her beloved shorts and t-shirt, and fifteen minutes later, we were out the door to meet Rachel for lunch at O’Charley’s, which I had never been to before. It was packed, and very noisy. I had the O’Charley’s club sandwich, which I know you were dying to know. After O’Charley’s, the spud and I hit FoodWorld, where I purchased some much-needed toilet paper, Tylenol, and another plant, Mexican Heather in a hanging basket. Mexican Heather I love this plant because of the tiny purplish-blue flowers which can be found in the midst of all that dark green. Mexican Heather 2 Then we went to Alabama Framers to pick up Fred’s birthday presents (the framing part on each of these pictures are the presents for this year; I gave him the Escher print and the Gump poster for his birthday last year). Pictures The print on the far left (by the kitten) says "Failure: When your best isn’t good enough"; the one next to that says "Defeat: For every winner, there are dozens of losers. Chances are, you’re one of them." Those two, he’s going to hang up in his office. The next picture down the line is Escher’s Drawing Hands print, and on the end at the far right is a picture of a field of poppies which is actually my picture. I’m going to hang it over the tub. Rather, I’m going to have Fred hang it over the tub for me. Forrest Gump Forrest Gump is Fred’s favorite movie, and he couldn’t find this particular poster anywhere. I found it online, and now that it’s framed, we’re going to hang it in the library. The Escher print will go by his desk, I think. So, it’s 3:00 and I’m waiting for Fred to get home. We’re going to go swimming, eat dinner, and veg in front of the TV to watch Friends, Frasier, and ER. I suggest you do the same. —–]]>