Flawless was better than the entire rest of the movie combined. And Trick was pretty damn good, altogether. Neve Campbell’s brother, Christian, was the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen. I told Fred that I want to adopt him and just look at him all day, he’s so adorable. Tori Spelling was pretty damn funny, too, and I’m no fan of hers. So I was sitting on the couch reading yesterday (I’m currently reading About a Boy, for those of you taking notes at home), and the annoying little voice in my head began suggesting that I go out back and water the catnip and morning glory plants back there, because lately if I don’t water them every day, they wilt horribly. Since I’m a big failure at ignoring that little voice, annoying as it is, I finally gave up on reading and went out back to do it’s bidding. Since it’s a pain to drag the hose over to the plants, water them, and wind the hose back up, I fill up a couple of gallon milk containers with water and water them that way. I had watered the morning glories and catnip plants, and was walking back toward the house, when I saw a morning glory plant growing in the middle of the gravel at one end of the pool. Deciding I’d be nice, since I had some extra water, I dumped water onto it. This big black ugly evil spider came running out because it thought something was caught in it’s web. It was a huge fucker, and as I looked closer, I saw the red hourglass. Black widow. Lovely. I ran inside the house and told Fred to come upstairs, which he did, and I grabbed the wasp and hornet spray, and led him out back. The black widow had gone back in hiding and wouldn’t come out, but we doused the entire area with bug spray, so we’re hoping it’s dead. Fred always says the first time he finds a black widow in the house is the last time, ’cause we’ll be moving immediately. The cats are acting freaky as all get-out, especially Spanky, who walks around staring at walls and howling all the live-long day. I’d blame it on a full moon, but according to the calendar, that’s a few weeks away. We got some thundershowers last night, so perhaps he’s still reacting to those. A tad slow, is our Spanky. Of course, since – I believe I’ve mentioned this – the entire world revolves around my menstrual cycle, he could be reacting to the hormones in the air. Fancypants spent all of last evening running around the living room and master bedroom, freaking out the other cats and just generally looking like a dork. Laura told Fred last week that her husband says she spends a week getting ready to have her period, a week actually having her period, and a week recovering. Sounds about right to me! ]]>