Moe wig. Fred didn’t notice, or if he did he didn’t say anything – but unless my hair is “big” (in the Southern tradition), he tends not to notice it. I think part of the problem with my hair is that I had gotten used to seeing it a light red-brown color because it had faded a great deal since I’d had it colored last, and now it’s a dark medium brown. Speaking of the shower (in a roundabout way), I was in the shower this morning, and while I was on the final leg of the event (ie, rinsing), the kitten suddenly started meowing frantically. I turned and looked, and she was right outside the shower door, standing on her hind legs, peering up at me and trying to impart a message of some importance. I tried to speak reassuringly to her, but every time I said something, she howled even louder. When I turned off the shower and opened the door, she jumped up onto the shower seat and rubbed up against me, still meowing. I stepped out of the shower, she followed. I stood there drying off, she walked back and forth, meowing and rubbing up against me. When I got dressed, I picked her up and walked out to the computer room, and she let me hold her and pet her for about ten minutes, which she rarely does anymore. Finally, she jumped down and went about her business. I wonder what that was all about. We watched Survivor last night, of course. We weren’t surprised to see who won the Immunity Challenge – does it seem suspicious to anyone else that the teams are alternating winning the Immunity Challenges? Hard to believe that that’s just how the chips are happening to fall. Kelly‘s assuming she could kick Gervase‘s ass was a big tip-off to us who would actually win the challenge. (Fred pointed out that she’s a river guide, and what guides do is sit in the back of the boat and steer while everyone else paddles, but upon reading her profile, I see that she spent 21 days rowing a boat through the Grand Canyon, which sounds like a cool thing to do.) Is it just me, or do the cocky ones always lose? Speaking of which, did y’all see The Iron Chef New York on Sunday night? As soon as Bobby Flay said the obnoxious “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think I’d win!”, I knew he was going to lose. I mean, the Iron Chef ALWAYS wins, anyway, but I had thought that maybe Bobby would win this time, since the show was taking place in the US. The funniest part was when time was up and Bobby stood on his cutting board and threw his arms up like he was the champ, and the Iron Chef got all peeved. Well, pretended to get all peeved, anyway. That Bobby Flay sure is cute.]]>