Big Brother, I heard the sound of fireworks going off. What’s more, they sounded like they were going off on our front porch. “What the fuck is that?” I snapped. Fred, who was laying in his underwear on the bed reading, turned and looked at me, not much interested in the fact that some neighbor kid may have tossed some kind of fireworks on our front porch. I ran down the stairs, looked out the window beside the door to make sure it was done going off, and then opened the door and looked out. There was nothing on our front porch, but the three annoying kids across the street were sitting on the curb, and one of them yelled at another “Don’t set it off so close to their house!” and pointed at me. I slammed the door shut and went back upstairs to read and kind of watch the rest of Big Brother. Fred, for some reason, found it absolutely hilarious that I’d thought someone had thrown fireworks on our porch and gone flying down the steps to check it out. “What did you think you were going to do?” he guffawed. Finally, I snarled “Someone had to give a shit that some kids might have thrown fireworks on the porch!” By 10:00, they’d stopped setting them off, and as Fred pointed out, their father was actually outside sweeping the street. That man is the most anal man I’ve ever seen in my life. It takes him four hours to mow and edge his postage-stamp-sized lawn, because once the mowing and edging is actually done, he runs around with his broom and sweeps up the grass clippings for half a mile down the road, or so it seems. I told Fred I’d love to see what the inside of their house looks like. I’m betting you could bounce quarters off the kids’ beds, and he probably makes his wife wash the dishes with a toothbrush. So, Survivor was good last night, as usual. Joel was really getting on my nerves, so I’m glad they voted him off. And after reading his “final words“, I’m doubly glad. What an ass. And Gervase needs to stop believing there’s no way he’ll be voted off. He’s just asking for it, there. I’m curious, though – how do the people in each tribe know so much about the people in the other tribe? Susan was talking about how this person and that person needed to go, in the other tribe, but I thought the only time they ever saw each other was at the challenges. The merger should be interesting! Have I ever mentioned that I’m kind of a dork? When Fred and I went to Wal-Mart Tuesday, I purchased a snorkel. Around today, I decided I wanted to go for a swim before lunch, and took my snorkel out with me. Once I was in the pool and got my mask and snorkel on, I floated, face-down, from one end of the pool to the other and back again a few times. When next I lifted my head to see what time it was, I found that I’d been floating around like that for over half an hour. I was so relaxed, I was probably lucky I didn’t fall asleep. Which reminds me (the talk of traveling and stuff, I mean) – Fred is, in fact, not going to see Tony Robbins in Denver at the end of this month, so I won’t be accompanying him (since he’s not going, you see). So he called Delta to cancel his tickets, and they credited him the amount the company’s already paid for the tickets, and he found out that only the person/ people who originally ordered the tickets can use them. Which would be he and I! And we have a year to use them! And he’s talking about going to the Bahamas for Christmas! Yeah, I know it probably won’t happen, but a girl can dream! —–]]>