this .wav Debbie had Brian make for me. I have it set up so it goes off when I have email (which I probably didn’t need to explain). It scares the hell out of me sometimes when I forget eudora downloads my email every ten minutes. And then Miz Poo always lifts her head and puts her ears back – her Evil Kitty look – when it plays. Speaking of cats, I’m about to turn a certain skittyboo out on the freakin’ street if he doesn’t stop wandering around howling his high-pitched, forlorn meow. So, several of the lilies I planted in the backyard have been blooming for the last few weeks, and since I can’t stand to leave anything so beautiful alone, I chopped one of the plants down and brought it inside to stick in a vase, so that it’s perfume may drift through the entire upstairs, and I can occasionally gaze upon it’s beauty while watching TV. Naturally, I took a picture of the gorgeous flowers. (click on the small picture to see the full-sized version, as usual) lilies from the yard So, not only did I do a half-assed version of cleaning the house today, but I also didn’t do any laundry, since a certain someone, whose job it is, forgot to bring the laundry downstairs this morning. Now, you may be scratching your heads and thinking to yourselves "God alive, Robyn, just how lazy are you?" Well, pretty fucking lazy; one would think y’all would have figured that out by now. But that (conveniently) is beside the point. The point is that I have to wash and fold and more often than not put away the laundry; should I have to haul it downstairs and upstairs myself? I think not. I tore a small "fast food guide" out of a recent Family Circle magazine, and paging through it, I note that it has no listings for Chick Fil-A, but it has Dunkin’ Donuts. What’s up with that? And how can a chocolate croissant have 400 calories and 25 grams of fat? They’re, like, air and flour, aren’t they? There’s also no listing for Krispy Kreme, thank god, because if I had to think about how many calories there is in a creme-filled chocolate-covered Krispy Kreme, I’d probably flip out and run to McDonald’s and take hostages.