exercise tape from Hell yesterday, I called the leader of the exercise, Leslie Sansone, a very naughty word beginning with "c". I mean really – when I’m gasping and sweating, does she have to be so freakin’ perky? I just don’t appreciate that kind of babbling happiness. Also of note is that Florine Marks, the President/ CEO of Weight Watchers was exercising along with Leslie, and at one point Florine says "I can have a Hershey Symphony Bar! I’ve earned it", and if you look closely, you can see the moment after she’s said that, it hits her that she’s supposed to be representing Weight Watchers, and she rapidly backpedals, lamely saying "But, you know, I’d really rather have a nice bowl of cherries or a banana – something that’s good for me!" Which just makes me want to send a truckload of Hershey Symphony Bars to her home, with a note that says "Yeah, right, big bowl of cherries my ASS." So I went to the movie store and rented 6 movies, because much like the book store, or even the online bookstores, when wandering through a movie store, my hands fly out as if independent of my body and grab every movie that looks as if it might be remotely good, and even some which look like total crap. I was only there to rent Hurricane, because Fred mentioned last night that he wants to see it, but I also walked out with Boiler Room, My Dog Skip, Love Stinks, Nice Guys Sleep Alone, and the first two episodes of Sex and the City. Fer cryin’ out loud. Sex AND the City, people. Sex AND the City, NOT Sex IN the City. This has been a public service announcement. (That said "pubic service announcement" before I fixed it. Heh!) Anyway, I have six movies to watch, only two of which Fred wants to see, and I have five days to watch them; they’re due back before midnight Sunday. You’d think I’d watch a movie or two each day and be done well before Sunday. Surely y’all know me better by now? Instead, I’ll completely forget that I have four movies to watch on my own, and sometime Friday I’ll catch sight of the pile of movies, remind myself that I have movies to watch, immediately forget, then end up watching three movies on Saturday and one on Sunday, possibly first thing in the morning so that I can convince Fred to come with me to return movies and then drive through a nearby subdivision to look at the big houses. Mark my words. That’s exactly how it’ll happen. Though Fred will probably be more than willing to accompany me to return the movies so that he can go next door to Kroger and spend money playing that machine which is full of stuffed animals, and you move the claw over and grab it. He likes that machine just for the thrill of the chase, I think, and the opportunity to give the stuffed animal he’s won to me, so he can say "Don’t say I never gave you anything!" But he never gives me flowers. I’m about a quarter of the way through the new Harry Potter. We ordered it from Barnes and Noble, and received it before noon on Saturday. Fred asked the Fedex delivery lady if she’d been delivering a lot of the books, and she said they got totally slammed with about 1,000 from Amazon, and another 3,500 from Barnes and Noble. Anyway, once it was delivered, it sat on the table by the couch for about a day before I decided I wasn’t going to wait for Fred to read it first. He’s in the middle of 43 different self-help books, and wants to finish those before he starts the Harry Potter. In fact, I think I’m going to go curl up in the library and read until Fred gets home.]]>