Survivor, getting frisky with Richard. Leave it to me to have sex dreams about the gay guy, huh? Fred said "Maybe it means you’re so confident in your feminine wiles that you’re sure you can "turn" him straight." Yeah, uh huh, I’m sure that’s it. Aside from being gay, he’s not even my type. In fact, none of the guys on that show are my type. He was a good kisser, though, and I’ll leave it at that. God in heaven, Walter got laid. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Billy Ray Cyrus – don’t act like you don’t know who he is – is apparently back with a new look (it’s possible he’s been back for a while, but I haven’t watched the country video channel for a long time). He grew a beard to cover that pretty face, cut the hair some, and now he looks, according to Fred, like nothing so much as a BeeGee. See for yourself. So, I was catching up on my journal reading the other day, and whilst perusing Freak Magnet, I came across the following: On a completely unrelated note: I’ve decided if my cat Zilla could talk, he’d constantly be saying "I see dead people." I mean, if you live alone and are at all easily freaked out, don’t get cats. Zilla seems to like to do this thing where he’ll get all comfortable in my lap, purring away contentedly, and suddenly his head will whip around and he’ll be staring over my shoulder with wide, terrified eyes. "What?!" I ‘ll screech and turn around (because even if it’s a big bug, I’d like to know about it) and there will be absolutely nothing there. When I turn around, Zilla will be back purring contentedly, eyes closed in my lap. It’s almost like he’s channeling the spirit of one of my younger brothers. I had a mouthful of water I came very close to spitting out onto my keyboard, but somehow managed not to (though a large amount of it went dribbling down my chin onto my t-shirt). I sat, re-reading the paragraph over and cackling loudly for a good five minutes or so before reading it to Fred, and cackling some more. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been drifting off to sleep, my hand resting on Miz Poo, who’s curled up in her favorite sleeping place, between the two piles of pillows on my bed, when suddenly she comes wide awake and stands straight up on her hind feet, her eyes big and dark, staring at something I can’t see. It always startles me awake, and it usually takes me a good half hour to get back to sleep. fancypants and tubbyman As you can see, we had a very relaxing weekend here at Casa Bitchypoo. Sometimes, in the middle of the day, there’s nothing around here but sleeping cats, as far as the eye can see. Miz Poo always takes the opportunity to check out the "watering hole" in the bathroom, and sometimes even drinks from it. at the watering hole When she’s not busy slurping up water in the shower, that is. Speaking of Miz Poo, I locked her into the extra room downstairs this morning. I tried to get her out of there before I shut the door, but she scampered off playfully, and since there are so many boxes and bags for her to hide behind, I shrugged and shut the door, figuring I’d go fold some clothes and then open the door and see if she wanted out yet. Except that by the time I’d gotten the clothes folded, the fact that she was locked in the extra room had fallen through one of the holes in my swiss cheese-like memory. An hour later, while surfing the web, I got to wondering where she was, and it all came back to me. I ran to the extra room and opened the door. She trotted out, her tail held up, and – eyes wide – began telling me of her horrid experience in the room, in the dark, all alone. She chirped and purred and rubbed against me for ten minutes before calming down and falling sound asleep on her pillow on my desk. So, I’ve started buying a lot of tictacs lately, and I noticed yesterday that you can collect tictac points and get cool stuff, so I checked it out, and found to my amazement that you can save up 400 points (there’s 1 point for each little tictac container) for a Sony Discman portable cd player! Woohoo! Then I found that you have to send everything in by the end of January 2001. Ah well. I guess I’ll go for the 50-point watch, instead…]]>