This morning glory plant just kind of popped out of nowhere, and it’s growing in the gravel along the fence (obviously); it’s doing better than the morning glories we have growing in a planter, and I’m not watering it or feeding it at all. I think, if given a few weeks, it will probably start climbing the legs of the loveseat it’s growing by. I’m curious to see whether it’ll start flowering. Fred is threatening to have the yard guys yank it up, but I’d love to see it covering that corner of the cement surrounding the pool. spider plant This would be the spider plant I bought about a month ago. I’ve never seen one produce so many babies, so I’m going to assume it’s happy where it is. I bet it’s awfully root-bound, though. I’ve got a baby spider plant inside, with it’s bottom part in water, but no roots are apparent yet. If I’d had a clue, I would have repotted this plant right after I bought it, because there’s nothing attached to the bottom of the planter to hold water; when I water the plant, the water just pours out the bottom. In spite of my neglect, it’s looking pretty good, though. That’s what I really need – a bunch of plants I can ignore and neglect, and they’ll thrive anyway. Spanky the doofus And there’s Spanky, looking like a doofus (actually, I think I caught him in a blink), trying to decide whether he wants to come out into the heat of the day, or stay inside where it’s cool (he stayed inside). Spot Spot, laying in his usual place. He’s such a pretty cat, isn’t he? The other cats will deny it, but Spot’s really the alpha cat in this house. The kitten thinks she’s bad, but Spot would kick her ass from here to hell with one paw tied behind his back. tubby, tubby, tubbyman Tubby, in his usual spot. He’s probably thinking something along the lines of "Should I eat now, or later? Hm, I think I’ll eat now and later!" the spud's room The spud’s room, looking like it should. Let me remind you, it took 4 2-hour sessions to get this room in decent condition. It will probably take the spud half an hour to junk it up again. Note the absence of crap on the floor. primroses I hope these are primroses. I just looked online at 43,000 pictures of primroses, and none of them looked like this. But I’m pretty sure that primroses are what I ordered! Anyway, aren’t they pretty? I like them a lot. miz poo And of course, no picture-based entry would be complete without a picture of the beloved Miz Poo. I’m not sure what she’s staring at with such interest, but I do know that right after I took this picture, she turned around and tried to eat that lily petal sitting to her right. ]]>