Miz Poo, who was playing with a toy mouse, knocked it under the couch. I asked Fred to pick up one end of the couch so I could get her mouse out, along with any other mice she and the other cats had knocked under there recently, and he did so. Found under the downstairs couch: 25 toy mice, 5 plastic Coke bottle caps, 1 whopper (the candy), 1 Hershey’s kiss. Found behind the downstairs couch: my most favorite towel ever, a purple bathsheet. That towel’s been missing for about as long as we’ve lived in this house, so I’m going to say around two years. I guess I should clean under the couch a little more often, huh? miz poo Miz Poo says, "Have a nice weekend!" No, really, that’s exactly what she’s thinking, despite the evil glare in this picture… ]]>