Miz Poo began howling frantically on the other side of the shower door. I opened the door and baby-talked to her, which usually calms her down. I left the door open a crack – she likes to be able to stick her head in the shower and see me without having the door in the way – and went back to showering. Next thing I knew, she’d leapt onto the shower seat, and was hunkered there, her pupils huge as she blinked rapidly against the water raining down on her. Not knowing what else to do, I petted her and baby-talked her some more. She sat there for about two minutes, getting wetter and wetter before finally leaping out of the shower and flopping down on the floormat to fastidiously clean every wet inch of herself. I think if any of the kitties lose their mind and go on a human-throat-gnawing spree, it’ll be her. She’s already a tad mentally imbalanced, but don’t tell her I said that. Speaking of the kitties, we harvested a stalk of catnip the other night. Spot always rubs his face on his catnip leaf for several minutes before eating it, Fancypants does the same, and Skittyboo and Tubbyman run around eating as many catnip leaves as possible, then roll around on the floor and become paranoid, spazzing out at every sound. Miz Poo, however, just doesn’t get it. Catnip does nothing for her, and she sits and watches the boys make fools out of themselves with a big kitty question mark over her little head. We watched The Whole Nine Yards last night, and liked it. I mean, it wasn’t exactly highbrow entertainment but it was, as Fred said, a cute little movie. I’m looking forward to watching Happy, Texas, since no fewer than five of my readers wrote to let me know that it was a great movie. Speaking of my readers, I have discovered that I suddenly have 40 subscribers to my notify list! Ah, just a few hundred more, and I’ll be poised to take over the world… beloved yellow slippers Admire my brand-spanking-new yellow slippers. I bought them yesterday at Linens ‘n Things, and they’re already pretty much my favoritest (non-living) thing in the whole wide world. They are a true, pure, clean, happy yellow; not a trace of that goldish yellow in them. If I were going to get my Jeep painted yellow (which I would DEARLY like to do), this is the exact shade of yellow I’d paint it. Just looking at my new slippers makes me grin like a goon, and feel happy all over. happy kitty Is this a happy kitty, or what? This is what she does when I rub her belly. She was purring very loudly when I took this picture, too. Note the picture cube behind her. Debbie bought me this picture cube from Old Navy when she was visiting last August. I lost it for a while behind the desk, but I swear I’m going to put pictures in it soon! Let’s see, have I fulfilled my requirements for the day? Babble, babble, babble, picture, babble, picture, babble. Check! I’m off to nap on the clean, warm laundry.]]>