Linens ‘N Things, since it’s quickly becoming my favorite store. Even more than Wal-Mart, if you can believe such a thing. It’s just a cool little store, even if every aisle I tried to go down was blocked by boxes and carts left there by stockers. Which reminds me – I went to Wal-Mart late Friday morning, and everywhere I went, there were huge pallets laying in practically every aisle. What the fuck is up with that? (As a side note, I should just give up and change the name of this journal to "What the fuck is up with that?") This particular Wal-Mart is of the 24-hour variety. Shouldn’t they be doing the stocking in the nighttime hours, or does that just make too much sense? I’ve been informed that the next cat we get will be one of these. Fred always likes the weird-looking cats. The day we got Tubby, we almost got a Bengal kitten, but I talked Fred out of it, since I couldn’t see paying hundreds of dollars for a kitten, when there were so many mutt-type kittens who needed a home. So it serves me right that we ended up with the ever-annoying Tubbyman. So after all my talk yesterday about not liking Big Brother, I made a point to watch it yesterday. They’re all a bunch of drama queens, though not as bad as the Real World cast. Then again, I haven’t watched all that much of the show, so they may be worse than the Real World-ers. I guess the problem is that I don’t quite get the attraction of Big Brother. Survivor is cool ’cause they’re "stranded" on an island, but on Big Brother, it’s just a bunch of people sitting around bitching. Don’t get me wrong, if they had a channel devoted to it, I’d probably be glued to the TV. I hate the small pictures you get online. You can’t tell what anyone’s doing. Hey, go check out Webshots. I downloaded the software, and like it a lot. You’re given the option every day of downloading the pic of the day, and you can download more pictures from their archives. My current favorite is this one. It’s Tuesday, so of course I hit the movie store. This week’s rentals are The Whole Nine Yards, Happy, Texas, Angela’s Ashes, Down to You, and Isn’t She Great. I can’t wait ’til Erin Brockovich and Magnolia come out next month. Man, I can’t believe I’ll be leaving for Maine in two weeks. The past four weeks have flown by. I’m not particularly looking forward to the 2-day drive (there OR back), but it’ll be nice to have my own vehicle whilst in Maine. And I won’t have to worry about fitting all of the spud’s stuff in her suitcase, since I can fill up the back of the Jeep. Okay, I just really don’t have anything to say today. I think I’ll end this one here.]]>