Happy, Texas were right – it was a riot. Down to You and Isn’t She Great sucked – I got 20 minutes into each of them and couldn’t stomach any more. The biggest surprise, though, was Angela’s Ashes. What a great movie. I may even want to ask for that for Christmas. I didn’t think I’d like it, but I forgot how much I like those dark, moody movies. I highly recommend it. Today’s rentals were Magnolia, Drowning Mona, Ride With the Devil, Swingers (Fred hasn’t seen the whole movie), and one other movie I can’t recall at the moment. Oh, the Beach. I’m sure Fred is dying to watch that one with me. Oh wait, he’s supposed to be dead and buried out by the pool. Pretend I didn’t say that. While we’re on the topic of movies, I was flipping channels last night during Once and Again, because I’d seen it before and there was a nasty confrontation coming up which I didn’t want to watch. I’m such a wimp that even a confrontation on TV ties my stomach in knots. Anyway, I was flipping through the thousand and one movie channels we never watch, and came across If Lucy Fell, which I had to stop and watch. Sarah Jessica Parker’s in that movie, and she was so damn cute. What happened between that movie and Sex and the City? I love Sex and the City, don’t get me wrong; 8:00 on Sunday nights, I’m in front of the TV, tuned to HBO, and this most recent Sunday I wouldn’t even come look at the pretty sunset when Fred said I should, because the show had already started. However, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie, could not look skankier if she tried. There’s always a bizarre, big-ass flower pinned to her shoulder or she’s got some godawful theme going on with what she’s wearing, like one week she was dressed in some freakish Swiss Miss thing. Maybe it’s my lower-middle-class upbringing, but does New York Chic = Total Skankiness these days? None of the other women look skanky; in fact, they’re usually normally dressed. I don’t want to say anything out of line, here, but maybe Carrie should be looking at her wardrobe when she’s wondering why Big flew the coop. Speaking of Once and Again (which I was before that SJP rant), I just have to say that the kid who plays Jessie has the dreamiest eyes I’ve ever seen. And she’s a total clone, looks-wise, of her mother. Whoever did the casting for that part should be patting themselves on the back. Did everyone run right to Stephen King‘s page to download the first chapter of his current project? I did, and immediately paid the one dollar. I don’t like the fact that Amazon is collecting the money for him; I thought everyone would just send $1 bills and checks for $1 to a post office box. Could you imagine what it would be like if millions of people sent $1 each to a post office box? I’d kinda like to see that. So before I left the house this morning, I shut the back door, and counted the cats and I could have sworn I saw all five of them, but hours and hours later, when Fred opened the back door to go sit outside and call his father, the Tubbyman came out from under the steps and told Fred his tale of woe. The poor guy had been out there for about four hours, and there were marks on the door where he’d been digging, trying to get in. Luckily it was only about 81, and it’s pretty cool under the steps. And if he’d gotten thirsty, there was a whole pool of water for him to drink (it’s safe). Still, I feel awfully bad for him, even though he ate a wasp this morning, and barfed it back up on the living room rug, and then went outside and maimed another wasp, then left it for Miz Poo (whom I have taken to calling "Miss Doopie-doo", for no discernable reason), who tried to eat it before I saw her and squooshed it and took it away so she wouldn’t get stung. On second thought, I don’t feel that bad for him.]]>