The Bold and the Beautiful, and it was pretty damn fun. The pool has gotten downright cold over the last few days. It was up to a very nice 84 for quite a while, but the weather’s cooled off into the 80s during the day, and the pool was a brisk 80 this afternoon. Needless to say, we didn’t swim for long, since we’re wimps. I finished Jemima J Friday night, and was less than pleased. At the end, after having achieved a size 8, Jemima porked ALL the way back up to a 10, the cow. AND she got the guy, and – lucky gal – he still loved her after she got all fat (size 10!). Okay, I’ll cut out the sarcasm, but really. I don’t dislike the book because she lost weight. I dislike the book because her life was crap, she lost weight, and – voila! – everything happened for her. She got the guy, who wouldn’t look twice at her before she lost the weight, she got the job of her dreams, whereas before she lost the weight she couldn’t get her boss to give her a chance at reporting. I’d have had less of a problem if she’d lost the weight and found out that the guy she loved, loved her no matter what she looked like. Am I just babbling, here? Enough about that book, anyway. I finished Big City Eyes, by Delia Ephron, today. Pretty good book. I went through several magazines over the weekend. I’m just a reading machine lately! I received all kinds of little packages in the mail today. I got a free t-shirt from ibelieve, thanks to Heather’s freebies and dealies page; I also got a small bottle of ici, a small bottle of True Love, and a bottle of Jules and Jane hydrator. All stuff I ordered online. Have I mentioned lately that I’m a spoiled rotten wifey? All I’m waiting for now is my bottle of Demeter Angel Food, and my life will be complete. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Napster lately. When I sit in the living room to read, I listen to country music (shut up, I’m a country music fan, you gottaproblemwiddat?) and every now and then a song comes on that I desperately want to hear again (for instance, Sammy Kershaw’s "Politics, Religion, and Her"), so I jot a note to download it on Napster. Napster, I believe I’ve mentioned, rocks in a big way. Miz Poo is sitting on her pillow on my desk, actively grooming each and every part of herself, and she’s making a little grunting noise as she licks. She grooms herself more than any cat I’ve ever seen, and when she does it in the middle of the night, it shakes the entire bed. She’s such a little thing to be shaking a big ol’ king-size bed. I watched the Ellen Degeneres special on HBO last night. It was pretty funny – not laugh-out-loud funny, but smile funny. The only time I really laughed out loud is when she said "Scientists say we only use 10 percent of our brains. Imagine what we could do if we figured out how to use the other 60 percent!" I don’t know why it struck me as so funny, but I howled over that one. You know, there was more I was going to write about today, but for the life of me I can’t recall any of it, so I guess I’ll give up for today.]]>