Monte Sano State Park, where I’d never been, and where Fred hadn’t been in years. Warning: tons of pictures ahead! Monte Sano State Park This is the view from the picnic area of the state park. Looks an awful lot like Gatlinburg. MSSP Some people left their dog tied up and went for a hike. Poor doggie! I bet he would have liked to go hiking, too… MSSP That’s the picnic table we used in the foreground, and the spud (the flash of red in the background) throwing some trash away. MSSP After lunch, Fred and the spud went for a walk, while I sat on my ass at the picnic table and guarded our stuff, and read Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, which is absolutely hilarious. MSSP Monte Sano Tavern ruins. MSSP More ruins. MSSP Look! It’s nay-chuh! MSSP Part of the trail Fred and the spud hiked. They were gone about an hour. WZYP A local radio station is having a Survivor-type contest, wherein 9 people are to live in a Toyota Tundra for 14 days; whoever’s left at the end of 14 days wins the truck. Big fuckin’ woop, huh? If I’m going to live in a truck for two weeks, I sure as shit want MORE than the truck by the end, knowwhatImean? We drove by the dealership on our way home, but I didn’t get a very good pic. —–]]>