check it out if that sort of thing interests you. Today is laundry day. I don’t know where the Laundry Day graphic went, and I don’t feel like looking for it, so just imagine it’s here. I’m not sure how Laundry Day ended up on a Monday. It was Friday once upon a time, wasn’t it? Oh, I know. It was Friday, and then it was Saturday for a couple of weeks, and then because Himself has decided he’s Crocodile Dundee and must hike through woods and wrestle alligators in his spare time, there was no time to do laundry on the weekend. Therefore, Monday is Laundry Day. At least this week it is. The spud had to go to a classmate’s house Saturday afternoon, because a bunch from her history (I assume it’s history, but I’m not sure, to tell the truth) had to get together to write a play about immigrants, and this morning they had to perform it. Let me show y’all a bit from the play they wrote: Laura: I’m hungry.
Erin: Me, too.
Mother sees Jennifer.
Mother: Can we please trade you money for some food? Jennifer: Sure. (They trade.)
Erin: Ouuoo What is this food?
Laura: Would you like to go to my church?
Mother: No thank you. We have already found a church.
Erin: We are looking for a house. Do you know of one that we can stay at?
Jennifer: You may stay at ours for a while until you find a house. Mother: O.K. ‘ (Mother will ask Jennifer for a newspaper)
Jennifer: Sure – here you go. (Pick one up off floor.) A few minutes later . . . .
Mother: Girls! I think I’ve found a job!!
Daughters: Yeah!
Erin: Now we can look for a house!!
Immigration Family will say together: I think we’ll have a good life here! That’s about half the play, right there. I don’t know about y’all, but I had no idea our immigrants had such an easy time of it. They got an A on the play, though, according to the spud. Tonight, Fred has the pleasure of accompanying the spud to her school, because there’s a meeting for all the band parents. Tomorrow, I get to attend the PTA/ Open House deal. Fun, fun! Okay, I’m off to do the laundry. I can hardly stand the excitement! Y’all have a good day.