Tubster… The one-room-a-day cleaning schedule is just not working out. I was supposed to do Fred’s room and the spud’s room and bathroom Tuesday, but I could NOT force myself to get my ass off the loveseat and go do my cleaning. Yesterday, I was supposed to clean my bedroom and bathroom, but again I couldn’t get my ass in gear. It’s not like the house is looking like a pigsty or anything – I’m managing to get the most necessary stuff done, like vacuuming the tons of cat hair off the carpet upstairs, and swiffering the cathair bunnies off the stairs, but still. Why am I so lazy this week? Must be because my period’s due in a week, since as you know, the world revolves around my menstrual cycle. Fred and I went swimming last night for the first time in, like, a week. All last week, it was overcast and crappy looking outside, which did not encourage pool activities. I hate overcast days with a passion – I prefer all or nothing when it comes to the weather. Either give me a stormy, rainy day or a bright, sunny day. Not that crappy overcast "will it rain or won’t it" stuff. Anyway, we went swimming last night, and the pool was 86 degrees and downright blissful. I’d teased him before the spud and I left for the Open House last night that he was probably going to sit in front of his computer and download porn while we were gone. Instead, he took the cover off the pool and cleaned it so it’d be sparkling clean when I got home. Is he a sweetheart or what? —–]]>