When Harry Met Sally, all in the space of an hour and fifteen minutes. Man, I love that movie. That was back in the days when Meg Ryan was still cute, instead of running around with hair that looks like it’s been cut with fingernail clippers. Speaking of movies, since it’s Movie Rental Tuesday, I of course ran to the movie store this morning, and rented Mission to Mars. I also rented Indian Summer, He Said She Said, and one other movie I can’t recall. 28 Days and High Fidelity come out next week! Woohoo! (Please don’t email me and tell me they suck, thereby bursting my bubble. Kindly leave my bubble intact. Thankyou.) I was up until almost midnight last night, reading Eleven Hours. Surprisingly, I was sucked in almost immediately and had to finally force myself to put the book down, or I would have been up for another couple of hours finishing it. First thing I did after I showered this morning was finish the book. I don’t know how long I’ve had it – two years or longer, I’d guess, since it’s a Literary Guild book, and I haven’t belonged to any book clubs in quite a while. Anyway, I recommend the book with two thumbs up. Man, I don’t want to go to this PTA meeting tonight. They always have the Open House on PTA night, so you have to go to the freakin’ PTA meeting before you can wander around the school to meet your kid’s teachers. I’d much prefer getting a PTA newsletter to sitting in the gym with a zillion other parents, while one nitwit asks a hundred idiotic questions, one right after the other. Grrr. I’m cranky today because the spud woke me while I was in a deep, deep sleep this morning, and I’ve been lethargic and out of sorts ever since, so I’ll not inflict myself upon y’all any longer. Have a good day!]]>