Center Stage (I adored it, am I a loser for admitting that?) I noticed that my right eye was, to use the medical term, goopy. I rinsed out my contact lens, but the goop kept forming. I took both my contacts out and wore glasses for the rest of the day, and by bedtime my right eye was not only goopy but completely red where it shoulda been white. I put a few drops of Visine in the eye and hoped that would solve the problem. This morning, red and goopy. I didn’t dare to put my contacts in, because I didn’t want my eye to get any redder or goopier, and did a few more drops of Visine ("gets the red out!") before going downstairs to exercise. I got back from my walk and checked out the offending eye. Red and goopy. Still. I waffled back and forth about what to do, decided I’d wait a day and see if it got any better, and then noticed that my left eye was starting to get red right around the pupil. So I gave up and went to the nearest doc-in-a-box. I really hate going to the doctor, but I really really hate wearing my glasses all the time, – I feel like I’m watching everything through a window – and if I put off my visit to the doctor, that just meant one more day I’d have to wear the damn things. I grabbed a book to take with me and cooled my heels for about an hour and a half before I saw the doctor (I finished the book this afternoon, by the way, and highly recommend it). He spent perhaps forty-five seconds checking out my eyes, ears, and throat before pronouncing that I have conjunctivitis. Big shock. By the time I got my prescription filled and got home, I was starving, and eager to make my wickedly excellent corn chowder (chowdah), and chopped an onion and peeled some potatoes and got the broth ready to go before I realized I had no can of creamed corn. Grrr. Before I went to the doctor’s this morning, I finished Survivor, which I bought at Wal-Mart last week. I was really quite less than impressed. With that ringing endorsement, is there anyone out there who’d like me to send the book to them? Fred isn’t interested in reading it, and I usually send all the books I’ve read to my sister, but she wasn’t into Survivor, so I thought I’d take a chance to send it on to one of my readers and save you the $13 or so. If you’re interested, email your name and address to me before Friday, and I’ll do a random drawing. That is, assuming more than one person is interested. ]]>