Happy Halloween! And happy anniversary to Fred, who married me two years ago tonight, which was the smartest thing he’s ever done. No, really! Do y’all like the background? That’s actually a picture of our pumpkin, which Fred carved with his own little hands. He tells me that it’s "deliberately crooked." Suuuure, it is. It’s 6:30 and fully dark here, and we’ve only had six or seven trick or treaters. Fred took the spud around the neighborhood and they were only gone for about 45 minutes, because fairly early on she complained that her feet hurt and she was hot and wanted to go home. I think next year, she should just stay home and hand out candy, personally. For your perusal, here are some pictures I took this evening.

possessed poo Miz Poo, possessed by some evil demons. In other words, she’s acting like she usually does. spanky If you look closely, you can see Spanky’s silhouette as he peeks out the window to see what’s going on. halloween spot Spot, possessed by some of those same demons… spud The spud in costume. Yes, that’s a real knife. No, we didn’t let her take it around with her whilst trick or treating.

Don’t eat too much Halloween candy, y’all!