Mission Impossible 2. I only rented the one movie, because we won’t be around this weekend to watch a bunch of movies, but since MI2 is an action movie, you just know that Fred is dying to see it. I myself won’t mind watching it at all since Tommy boy’s all buff in this movie, but I hear the action sequence at the end is about twenty minutes, which is seventeen minutes too long. That’s the gospel according to Beverly, anyway. Speaking of movies, The Patriot (the one with Mel Gibson, not the Cheesiest Bloated Ponytailed Action "Star" Man Alive, Steven Seagal) was pretty damn good. We watched it whenever it came out – the week before last, I think it was. I understand that there was a brouhaha when that movie came out, that many Brits were all kinds of peeved that the bad guy was British. Now… how do I say this without alienating any British readers I might have? Oh, let me think… How about, THE BAD GUY WAS BRITISH BECAUSE ALL BRITS WERE THE BAD GUYS DURING THE REVOLUTION. When a certain country endeavours to come between people and the freedom they long for, those who wish to prevent such freedom automatically become the bad guys, whether they consider themselves as such or not. As always, I wait breathlessly for any dissenting opinions. Don’t forget to go vote, y’all. Even though, according to Beverly, our votes count for nada.