snoozing fancy

No, he’s not dead, even though he looks like it. He’s looking rather ragged these days, though, and I guess it’s about time to get out the cat brush…

lick lick lick

Grooming, grooming, grooming. Miz Poo is just the groomingest cat I’ve ever seen.

snoozing spot

This picture just doesn’t do justice to how cute Spot was, sleeping soundly with his front paw wrapped around his back paw.

the look

The Tubbyman will lay and gaze lovingly at Fred for hours upon hours. He would probably gaze lovingly at me, but I can’t stand him, ever since I caught him using my outside planters as a litter box. Damn him!

the look, again

More looks of love.

the look, part 3

Really, we think he’s looking at Fred with love in his eyes, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he’s thinking about how he could pop Fred’s eyes out of his skull and eat them for a snack.

my roses

Aren’t these roses purty? Fred bought them for me, just because. Have I mentioned that I love that man?