::drool:: Think Fred could explain that one to his parents? "Oh, Robyn didn’t want to have to spend Thanksgiving with y’all, but she’s gone to Nebraska to spend the holiday with strangers…" Yeah, that’d go over well. Make up the couch for me, Marcia, we’ll eat all day and then string lights around the house all evening! We’re actually doing a toned-down Thanksgiving this year, since we’re trying to do that whole "eating right" thing, so we’re making a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey, and various vegetables (squash casserole, since Fred thinks it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it), Fred’s extra-special cornbread dressing, and of COURSE pumpkin pie. Fred doesn’t care about the pumpkin pie, but I’d have to have a hissy fit if there were no pumpkin pie. We already have the pumpkin pie, actually – what, you think I make it myself? Hell no, the three times in my life I’ve tried to make a pumpkin pie it was not a good thing, and so we buy them from the store – and it’s sitting in the refrigerator seductively calling my name. I must resist and be strong… I spent a good part of the morning doing errands, running to the grocery store for a few things Fred forgot when he got groceries (well, didn’t forget, just didn’t know we needed them), to Wal-Mart for this and that, to the movie store (Gladiator is out! Woohoo!), and of course to Wendy’s for lunch (I always have lunch from Wendy’s on Tuesday’s, have I mentioned that?) The bell-ringer from the Salvation Army was already out in front of Wal-Mart ringing his loud-ass bell (do they have to be so damn loud?), and I feel incredibly guilty if I don’t stop and put money in his pot (that sounds dirty, doesn’t it?), so I stopped not only on the way in, but also on the way out, drooling over the Krispy Kreme he was munching on. So, have y’all seen MTV’s newest idiotic show, Jackass? Whilst flipping through the channels one evening, Fred stopped to watch it. It happened to be the show where they had people eating hard-boiled eggs (an homage to Cool Hand Luke, I am told), barfing into large buckets, and eating more, et cetera. Since the sight and sound of people barfing makes me, in turn, want to vomit (I really hate it when people throw up unexpectedly on ER) I asked Fred to change the channel. He wanted to watch "just a little bit more", and so I got up and went in the other room and read until the show was over. Since then, when confronted with the show, I refuse to even stay in the same room. Even thinking about the damn show makes me feel incredibly hostile, because it’s a completely worthless show. I mean, between the hamster sex and the Mad Shitter (so called because if the litter box isn’t sparkling clean, – and I mean SPARKLING CLEAN, I clean the damn thing out every single morning, and sometimes it just isn’t clean enough for him, the bastard – he uses my bathmat as his litter box, and if THAT isn’t available, he finds someplace equally disturbing to go. He’s on my shit list, so to speak. Hee!), I see enough nasty stuff in my life. I don’t need to see it on MTV. I guess I’m getting old and VH-1 is really more my speed, anyway.